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The Travel Adventure Continues

Wed, Mar 24th 10 at 04:59AM

Even though our one year journey around the world finished back in September, 2009, I got infected with the travel disease. It was probably somewhere in Australia that I got bit by the travel bug so I'm am continuing to do so. But this time, it's without my good buddy and former travel companion William.

So instead of posting on the Two Guys Around the World site, I've...

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A Week in Italy

Sat, Jun 6th 09 at 03:11AM

I have very mixed feelings about the latest big city on our travels. It was at the same time the best and worst city I have been to in my life.

As a rule, I do not like big cities. Sure, they usually have at least something interesting, and I do love a good public transportation system, but in general I have not enjoyed the time I've spent in big cities. The exception to this would be Auckland, but it doesn't really feel like a big city at all.

In big cities it takes forever to get anywhere, it's crowded, noisy,...

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