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Traveling Changes the Whole Time Continuum

By SammyK on Fri, Jan 2nd 09 at 07:50PM | Permalink | Comments (3)

It's a new year! Which means what to the traveler? Nothing.

It didn't take very long after we started traveling to start thinking about time differently. We no longer think in "weekends" and "weekdays". We usually don't even know what day of the week it is, much less the date.

We've had an unintentional paradigm shift with regards to the way we view time.

We no longer say things like, "Tuesday I did this," or "Last week we did this." But our temporal point of reference has shifted to the places we've been.

Now we say things like, "Man, I haven't showered since Taupo." Or, "The last time we ate a burger was Santiago."

And time has slowed down - a lot!

I was expecting this trip to just fly by. I was expecting to have so much fun that I wouldn't have even realized a year had passed.

But despite the fact that indeed this trip is amazing and I am having the time of my life, our last location seems like last week, but it was just yesterday.

And our first country, Guatemala? That feels like half a year ago, but it's only been about three months.

When I was working a desk job back in Lexington, weeks and months would pass by in just the wink of an eye. Perhaps it's the mundanity of performing the same routine every single day - trying to push through the weekdays as fast as possible and trying to hang on to the weekends forever.

I guess time is slower now because we're in a completely different location about every four days or so. So my life has been broken up into lots of little 4-day segments for the past 3 and a half months. That's 26 unique segments!

That sounds cool. But we need a break from constantly moving. When we get to Australia, the plan is to stay for 3 weeks in just one location.

Hopefully that will be long enough to make a new friend that we can actually hang out with regularly. But who knows, the time there might just fly by.


Ryan wrote on January 2nd 09 at 09:30PM
Sam, time here does fly by. One day it was the middle of July, then it was Thanksgiving and the day after that was Christmas.
Benny Lewis wrote on January 3rd 09 at 02:07AM
Yeah, life is so much better when you are having a lot more fun experiences! More memories mean more things to remember! If you think back over the last few months after working in a cubicle and have nothing to remember it seems like less time passed. 2008 was several years worth of memories for me! Keep enjoying (and sharing) the memories!!
Angelina wrote on January 5th 09 at 06:13PM
I totally understand the feeling! When I was in Chile for just a felt like forever... so I can imagine how it would feel for even longer! But you won't regret your time here and there!
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