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It has always been Sam's dream to travel around the world. Then one day he thought, "I'm young, single and just graduated college. If I don't travel the world now, I never will." After he told a few friends about his idea, one of them, William, decided he couldn't pass up the opportunity to join him on the journey.

"I remember being at William's house when I started telling him about my plans to travel all around the world," Sam recalled. "I remember seeing the look in William's eyes while I was telling him about it. It was a very obvious 'I want to go around the world too' kind of look. I said, 'Too bad you have a house or you could go with me,' and William said, 'But I can rent it out!'" Sam knew from that moment that his trip around the world would not be a solo one.

Sam and William make an ideal travel team. Sam just graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor's degree in Linguistics which will no doubt come in handy with the plethora of languages Sam and William will encounter.

William has spent his whole life pursuing outdoor activities.  He is an experienced backpacker and rock climber and has taken wilderness survival training. This experience will be crucial in the remote segments of the journey, whether in the war torn jungles of Guatemala, the Australian outback, or hiking the Swiss Alps.

Together they have the skills needed to experience the world in a real way. They are not interested in staying in 5-star resorts. They want to live close to the locals and get to know what normal life looks like to the people from an unknown land.

With a budget of only $10,000 a piece, they plan to prove how possible it is to travel the world without spending a fortune. Sam admits, "We're definitely not millionaires, we're just two guys who want to experience life in new ways."

The two friends hope they will inspire many more people to do the same. Not just to travel the world, but to come out of the safety of a comfort zone full of excuses and experience the fullness of life and gain a deeper understanding of the world they live in.

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