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The latest HD videos we've taken from places around the world.

Videos From Switzerland

Episode 16 - The Swiss Alps Adventure

Posted on November 11, 09
Sam and William traverse the dangerous icy slopes of the Swiss Alps with their friend Alison who takes a wrong step and starts to head in a deadly direction.

Videos From Vietnam

Vietnam Special - Day 5-7: Try Not To Die

Posted on August 24, 09
In the final leg of the motorbike journey through Vietnam, Sam and William are constantly being run off the road by massive trucks. With no other English speakers in sight, the effects of a long journey together start to show in the night of day 6 as they start to act a little strange.

Vietnam Special - Day 4: The Crash

Posted on August 21, 09
Sam and William get blasted in the face with dust and mud. William loses control of his motorbike and crashes it to the ground. The Vietnamese people were so nice and helpful.

Vietnam Special - Day 3: Ha Long

Posted on August 19, 09
Sam and William make it to the beautiful Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. Their hotel is nice, but it's got some not-so-great leftovers from other guests.

Vietnam Special - Day 2: Lost

Posted on July 13, 09
Sam and William get so turned around that by the end of the day they have no idea where they are. Along the way they help out at a pig market and locals invite them into their home to have some moonshine.

Vietnam Special - Day 1: Confusing Directions

Posted on June 30, 09
In war-torn Vietnam, Sam and William begin their motorbiking adventure around the north part of the country. Without knowing any Vietnamese, the two receive some pretty confusing directions from the locals.

Microsode #4 - Saigon

Posted on May 03, 09
Dedicated to Ryan Frith. Sam and William go to the basement of the Reunification Palace and instantly recognized it from Half-Life.

Videos From Cambodia

Microsode #3 - Angkor Wat

Posted on May 01, 09
The ancient civilization of Angkor and the ruins they left behind.

Microsode #2 - How to Eat Bugs

Posted on April 14, 09
William eats a tarantula and Sam eats a fried cricket. Can they keep it down?

Minisode #17 - Rabbit Island

Posted on April 13, 09
Sam and William take a day to relax on a small island in Cambodia. Sam has trouble eating the fried fish.

Minisode #16 - Cambodian Motorcycle Drive By

Posted on April 05, 09
The two guys discover Cambodian countryside on motorbikes and find some monkeys.

Videos From Thailand

Minisode #15 - Welcome to South East Asia

Posted on April 03, 09
The two guys arrive in Bangkok, Thailand. William learns how to cook Pad Thai and the two try to hail a taxi without getting scammed again.

Videos From Australia

Microsode #1 - Non-Couch Surfing

Posted on April 01, 09
William learns how to surf in Lennox Head, Australia.

Episode 15 - Sixth Month Anniversary

Posted on March 16, 09
After traveling for 6 months, Sam and William look at the highs and lows of the trip so far and release never before seen footage from the past.

Minisode #14 - Isle of the Flies

Posted on March 10, 09
Sam, William and Mills discover the largest sand island in the world - Fraser Island in Australia. The tension thickens when two dangerous dingos discover the three friends.

Minisode #13 - Australia Day

Posted on March 05, 09
Sam celebrates Australia Day with the local Australians in Sydney.

Minisode #12 - Swinging in Sydney

Posted on March 03, 09
Sam and Mills dance it up with West Coast Swing superstars, Jordan and Tatiana in Sydney, Australia.

Videos From Argentina

Minisode #11 - Buenos Aires Pillow Fight

Posted on February 21, 09
Every year Buenos Aires, Argentina hosts a big pillow flight. William and Sam jump right into the intense fighting action.

Minisode #10 - Long Lost Argentina

Posted on January 24, 09
Sam and William split up to journey northward in Argentina independently. Meet Benny from Ireland, and the three sisters.

Videos From New Zealand

Minisode #9 - New Zealand in a Nutshell

Posted on January 15, 09
Our entire stay in New Zealand in about 2 and a half minutes.

Minisode #8 - New Yearzealand

Posted on January 09, 09
We celebrate the most awkward New Years we have ever celebrated. We also try to get Scott to stuff balloons in his shirt for someone to punch.

Minisode #7 - Climbing Mt. Doom

Posted on December 30, 08
We hike the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand and try to hike to the top of the volcano that played Mt. Doom in Lord of the Rings. But on the way up, the clouds moved in, we got lost, and we were in serious danger.

Minisode #6 - New Zealand Christmas

Posted on December 28, 08
Although sad being away from family and friends for Christmas, Sam and William make new friends and make the best of Christmas away from home.

Minisode #5 - The Shire

Posted on December 24, 08
We visit the Shire (where the hobbits lived in Lord of the Rings) in Matamata, New Zealand and William demonstrates the Tim Tam Slam.

Minisode #4 - Skydiving in New Zealand

Posted on December 20, 08
To get into the Christmas spirit, William and Sam jump out of an airplane in Taupo, New Zealand.

Minisode #3 - A Day at the Beach

Posted on December 15, 08
Shenanigans and goings on at a beach close to Goat Island in New Zealand with Craig, Fraser, Sara, Sam and William.

Minisode #2 - Frocks On Bikes

Posted on December 11, 08
Frocks on Bikes is part of Auckland, New Zealand's way of celebrating the 350 climate day of action. 350 Climate Action is an organization that encourages simple changes we can make to reduce carbon emissions.

Minisode #1 - Thanksgiving

Posted on December 09, 08
We celebrate Thanksgiving with the family from New Zealand via Skype video chat.

Videos From Chile

Episode 14 - Torres del Paine: Part Two

Posted on November 28, 08
Day 3 and 4 of the trekking adventure in Torres del Paine in Chile. Sam shows warning signs of hypothermia and William makes a decision about continuing the journey.

Episode 13 - Torres del Paine: Part One

Posted on November 24, 08
Day 1 and 2 of the trekking adventure in Torres del Paine in Chile. Sam and William were ill prepared for the cold.
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