Our $10,000 Travel Budget

You may have noticed that our "In the Bank" numbers have hit rock-bottom. We've run out of the original $10,000 budget around month seven of our year-long journey.


I (Sam) have been doing web development work and William has gotten money from other sources so we'll have enough to finish out the year. So stay tuned for more great videos and photos.

We busted our budget for a number of reasons. I posted a blog detailing the three main reasons why we broke the budget and how you can avoid the same mistakes.

When we first started our journey, people said it was impossible to travel to 17 countries around the world under $10,000. We told them that it was possible and we were going to prove it.

So is it possible?

Yes and no.

If you try to travel the world like we did, then you'll run out of money around month number 6 or 7.

We've run out of the original $10,000 budget but we've learned that it is certainly possible to travel the world under 10 G's - you just got to follow 3 easy tips.

The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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