End of the Sunset

Posted by William on November 04, 08 while in Chile


Dana wrote on November 5th 08 at 06:07AM
OH MAAAN! I am soooooo jealous!!!!!! Wait for me! I'm gonna pack my backs and be right there!! guess thats not possible... will be stucked for a while in cold, grey holland:( But at least I will spend christmas in Mexico, my new favourite place to be;) Where are you guys travelling next? what is your route???
Be carefull and I wish you all the best...
Saludos Dana

PS: Congrats to your great new president. the world can finally look up to america again:)
abby kunes(aunt) wrote on November 5th 08 at 08:51PM
Love your videos and photos. I always laugh when I see your videos. It snowed 4 inches in Crested Butte, Colo today. Skiing around the corner but you're probably nice and warm. Keep safe and thanks for the trip around the world. Great job. Abby
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