Two College Grads Travel The World on an Impossible Budget

Sam Powers and William Reinhard are two recent college grads who are about to embark on a journey most people only dream of achieving. Traveling all around the world in one year. And they plan to do it all under $10,000. After plane tickets, that's $15 per day for food, transportation and board.

Starting mid-September, 2008 Sam and William will fly from Lexington, KY and begin their travels in the jungles of Guatemala. They will make their way west until they reach KY again one year later. All their travels will be fully documented on full HD video, photos and blogs on their website at

Their adventure will include over 20 countries where they will backpack in the wilderness, dance with the locals, and try to find a place to stay each night.

Can they make it around the world on such an impossible budget? Find out on their site at

The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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