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No New Vidcast Tonight

By SammyK on Mon, Oct 13th 08 at 05:56PM | Permalink | Comments (4)

Sam is in bed with a bad cold and will be unable to finish the new vidcast for tonight.  It will be uploaded sometime tomorrow.  Sorry to dissappoint everyone.



anna wrote on October 14th 08 at 04:31AM
Sam, Hope you are better soon! God bless you Anna
Ryan wrote on October 14th 08 at 05:58AM
Sam, get better buddy.
radbadnomad wrote on October 14th 08 at 12:13PM
Hope you feel better soon bud. Look forward to the video.
SammyK wrote on October 14th 08 at 03:13PM
@anna, @Ryan & @radbadnomad: Thanks guys! I'm feeling better, but I still have a runny nose and am coughing a lot. I hope to just chill and not get sicker. But there it's Salsa night at Las Sin Ventrua tonight... :)
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