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A Day in Antigua

By William on Sat, Sep 27th 08 at 06:14PM | Permalink | Comments (7)

Well, we made it to antigua last night at about 6:00. A friendly but very not punctual shuttle service brought us here for just 5 dollars a piece. For that price I guess we can't complain too much about them showing up an hour and a half later than we were supposed to meet. We made it in one piece though.

I could immediately see why Sam likes this place so much. It has the coolest atmosphere of any city I've ever been. It's like a little town in Europe or something. Cobblestone streets, little shops everwhere, beautiful architecture. I definitely feel like I could spend a long time in Antigua and be very happy.

This morning we slept in a bit and then went out to explore the town. We first went to a little bakery Sam suggested and got a loaf of some amazing banana bread. We sat and ate it in the beautiful park in the center of town. It was one of the most content feelings I've had in this trip, to just sit in an awesome place and eat some good food. After being in Guatemala City for two weeks, it was extremely refreshing to be able to relax in an outdoor environment.

After a while we decided to go find the language school where Sam had studied years ago. We found the building, but the school is out of business. Oh well. There are about 50 different language schools in this town, so we just went to look for another. After walking about half a block we found the CSA - Christian Spanish Academy. Perfect. We both signed up for a week long Spanish class, 4 hours a day for five days one on one with an instructor. Plus they hooked us up with a host family to stay with, so we'll have an awesome place to stay and get a lot of really good language lessons. Sounds like a good deal to me.


Ryan wrote on September 27th 08 at 06:20PM
Sweet, good luck
davidmac wrote on September 27th 08 at 07:43PM
wow that's awesome. Congrats. I am really enjoying your guys blogs. It will be an exciting year!!
judy wrote on September 28th 08 at 09:22AM
omg antigua! they have two speeds there: slow and stop, and its wonderful! ^_^ just to let you know, i'm having my after-school program follow y'all's adventures! they're really excited and keep praying for you @ snack, lol. brianna was especially excited since she's from guatemala. she kept saying "i was BORN there!" too cute!
good luck re-learning spanish and take lots of awesome pictures! ^_^
David wrote on September 28th 08 at 09:29AM
Good plan to study some Spanish. Great second video, looking forward to the next
Kat wrote on September 29th 08 at 10:28AM
I am so proud of you guys this is amazing!
Leana May wrote on September 30th 08 at 04:48PM
Find the California hippy's coffee shop downtown Antigua. Dirt cheap coffee that is AMAZING! He has been there for 20+ years and if you ask around a bit many locals know who you are talking about. He has great stories and again, the best coffee.
abby kunes wrote on October 4th 08 at 04:03PM
William I'm really enjoying your blogs and video. Keeping you in our prayers. If you chg your mind and want to see Linsey in Quito,Ecua.Let me know, from Aunt Abby in Colorado
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