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Episode #8 Comes Out Wednesday

By SammyK on Mon, Oct 20th 08 at 04:13PM | Permalink | Comments (4)

**Update - Oct 22. Since we had so much video footage, Episode #8 is not about our transition from Guatemala to Chile. That'll be Episode #9.

Episode #8 about our transition from Guatemala to Chile will be coming out this Wednesday.

You might have also noticed that there is a new section up called "People We've Met". We thought since we run into so many new people around the world, we'd give them a little shout-out on the site.

It'll be cool to look back after this year is over and reminisce over the good times with all our friends from around the world.

That's all.


Patrick & Rachel Hugens wrote on October 20th 08 at 07:31PM
Sam & William,
What is your 'round the world route?
P & R
jamie wrote on October 21st 08 at 07:24AM
Can you guys blog about your technology set up at some point? What you're filming and editing with, how you're managing it on the road...
SammyK wrote on October 21st 08 at 08:23AM
@Patrick & Rachel Hugens: We're not 100% sure about our route, but you can see our general route by clicking on the press link at the bottom and watching the news spot that was done on us. It shows an illustration about our general path. Let us know if you want to meet up somewhere along the way. :)

@jamie: Thanks for the idea! I think that'll be my next blog.
elclinto wrote on October 22nd 08 at 11:40AM
Sammy..check your email... EMERGENCY!
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