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Merry Christmas from New Zealand!

By SammyK on Wed, Dec 24th 08 at 02:45PM | Permalink | Comments (6)

It's Christmas day here in New Zealand which means it's Christmas Eve in the States. Yeah, we're in the future here in NZ.

I've been kind of bummed out all day yesterday and today. Not because it doesn't feel like Christmas because it's summer here, but because I miss my friends and family so much.

I was looking through some photos last night and came across the one I posted with this blog. It's from the rehearsal dinner of my little sister's wedding this past summer.

That's my little sis Maudie on the left and friend of our whole family Erin on the right. Despite not feeling like smiling too much recently, this pic brought a huge smile to my face.

The photo encompasses everything that I've been missing in one photo. Maudie represents all of my family, Erin all my friends, and the big blue building in the background my hometown Lexington, Kentucky.

And we're clearly all having a great time - loving life.

It's certainly true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I want to hang out in Frith's basement - or the Potter's mackin' basement - David Potter is in town and I'm on the other side of the planet! I want to go down to Memaw's new headquarters and talk about the meaning of life. I want to go to Ashlee's rockin' parties. I want to drive out to Grandma's house in Wilmore and celebrate Christmas eve with the whole family. I want to see my nephew Dallas dance to "Sexy Back". I want to kiss my little sister's cheek. I want to have deep conversations with my dad. I want to see what new things my mom is doing in Photoshop. I want to go driving with D-well. I want to hear the crazy things Danwray is saying. I want to prank call Gabe at my old place of work and pose as a client and tell him I needed my website done yesterday. I want to dance West Coast Swing with the Cody posse. I want to go to Papa Jack's farm and shoot old computers with shotgun slugs. I want... to be with my friends and family.

Alas, in less than 9 months I will get to do just that.

Merry Christmas everyone. I love you guys.


Ryan wrote on December 24th 08 at 03:17PM
Merry Christmas Sam! I like how Danwray is one word now!
Mary Audrey wrote on December 24th 08 at 10:19PM
Benny Lewis wrote on December 25th 08 at 01:15AM
Merry Christmas Sammy! (Ireland has caught up with you so far)
This is why I've adapted my travels to 2-3 months away, a week at home as I told you. That way you get the balance of constantly travelling, but a good dose of home regularly too! I'm sure you'll give it a try in your next travels, but you HAVE to start with one big absence so your heart grows really fonder!
This way you have spent Thanksgiving and Christmas away from family so for the rest of your life you'll appreciate it even more - it's an investment ;)
Must go - Santa left me some interesting presents!
Memaw wrote on December 25th 08 at 06:58AM
I miss our "talks" sooooo much.
In some conversations something will come up and I say "Oh I wish Sam and I could talk about that."
judy wrote on December 26th 08 at 11:47AM
yay! merry christmas! ^_^
Peggy Brooks wrote on December 27th 08 at 05:18PM
We missed you Christmas eve even more than normal. We ate and played bunko and laughed and ate. There were a few presents as well. I forgot to give your mom yours but I'll see that she gets it asap. Next Christmas is only 363 days away and we'll look forward to your being here with us. About your mom skydiving -- uh!!frowny face. Consider yourself just squeezed with a huge Grandma bear hug. XOXO
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