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Take a Bus in Chile

By William on Sat, Oct 25th 08 at 09:05AM | Permalink | Comments (2)

Next time you are in Chile and need to travel between cities, I highly recommend taking a Pullman Bus.

In the states, taking a bus is generally frowned upon.  They are seen as a last resort for getting somewhere and nobody wants to take one.  Sit on a crowded uncomfortable bus for 12 hours?  No thanks.

Chile, however, does buses right.  Just take the metro down to the University of Santiago and you can find the station, and take a bus to pretty much anywhere in the country.  We got a bus from Santiago to Puerto Monte (600 miles) for about 25 dollars.

These are not your average buses either.  We sat on the top level of a spacious double decker bus.  They served a snack, gave us pillows and blankets, and the seats reclined almost horizontally into beds.  We just booked an overnight bus ride and slept our way to our destination.  All for a fraction of the cost of a plane ticket.

From Puerto Monte we are now attempting to find the best route to Puerto Natales, which is much further south.  There are many different options for many different prices.  At first we had planned on taking a very nice ferry boat directly from here to Puerto Natales, but it is way out of our budget.  The nice thing with that route is that we know exactly what to do to get there.

Our host, Roro, has been telling us about various different ways to get there, via ferries and buses, so we will have to see which is the best for our budget and time constraints.


Patrick & Rachel Hugens wrote on October 26th 08 at 08:15AM
Hey William, we took a short ferry to Isla Chilloe, then cycled down to the South, took another ferry back to the main land and did the Carratera Austral and Routa 40 in Argentina. The Carratera Austral is one of the prettiest roads we ever did. Don't miss 'the hanging glacier'.
P & R
Mom wrote on October 26th 08 at 06:54PM
Hi William, Dad and I are back from NC. Had a great time, only rained on Friday. Got to see Eric's new home - beautiful! Sounds like a great bus ride. Hope to talk to you soon! Miss you!
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