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Uneventful Week

By William on Fri, Oct 10th 08 at 11:27AM | Permalink | Comments (4)

It has been a good, relaxing, uneventful, week.  Sam has had a lot of web development work to do, so we've just been hanging out in different coffee shops using the internet and enjoying comfy couches.

I found a bookshelf in our host family's house that is full of old novels from the US.  It's been very exciting to have some good books to read, as it's something I love but just haven't taken the time to do much the past few years.  So far I've read 2 Michael Crichton books and am starting on an old sci fi novel, over 600 pages so far this week.  I love it.

We won't have much time for reading this weekend, as we are embarking on our most adventurous journey so far, to Coban, a land of rivers, caves and turquoise pools.  It sounds fantastic.  Don't be surprised if you don't hear from us till Sunday night.



Dustin wrote on October 10th 08 at 01:00PM
What's the sci fi book you are reading?
Aunt Susan of Seattle wrote on October 13th 08 at 04:12PM
Hi William, I read all of your blogs today. Wow. I think you are getting the adventure you set out to experience. Thank you for sharing your trip with us - I look forward to reading more. Love to you. Susan
William wrote on October 13th 08 at 07:56PM
I am reading "Heart of the Comet" by Gregory Benford
Rachel & Patrick Hugens wrote on October 17th 08 at 09:17AM
Hi William,
We are friends of your Aunt Susan & John....
What a great adventure you are starting. We look forward to following your journey.
Happy Travels
Patrick & Rachel Hugens
Boise ID
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