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West Coast Swing and Everything Else in Auckland, New Zealand!

By SammyK on Sat, Nov 29th 08 at 05:58PM | Permalink | Comments (4)

I can't tell you how excited I am right now. I just found out that West Coast Swing exists in New Zealand!

This is the first country that we've been to that even knows what West Cost Swing is. There is a dance studio in Auckland called "Ceroc Dance Studio" that teaches all different types of Swing dances including Lindy Hop.

There's a West Coast Swing class tonight starting at 6:30pm. It looks like a beginner class, but it's been months since my last real WCS dance. Needless to say, I'm totally going.

It looks like there's some social dancing afterwards, so I hope that means hours and hours of dancing.

Aside from West Coast Swing, my first impressions of Auckland, New Zealand is that this is one awesome city.

In general Auckland feels very new and clean and there's loads of stuff to do here. There's this huge "Sky Tower" here that you can bungee jump off of. (That might be a hint of something soon to come in a video podcast.)

There's all kinds of Asian restaurants here. There's entire food courts dedicated to nothing but Asian fast-food. I asked William if he was sure that the plane stopped in New Zealand and not some Asian country because the majority of the population in the city is Asian. I feel like I'm walking the streets of San Jose, California or something.

WiFi is everywhere. But you have to pay big money g-ballers to use it. I need internet all this week to finish up a big web project - so I'm going to try and buy a week of internet access for like $20. I think it limits the amount of data you can download too. What's up with that!? This is a free country, I want my free internet! I got spoiled in the States.

And people here speak English! I love to communicate in Spanish, but it's nice to get a break. I told William that I was glad I'd finally be able to understand 100% of everything someone said to me. But so far, I've had a hard time understanding the Kiwis (what natives of New Zealand call themselves.) So sometimes they say stuff and I just nod my head and smile thinking, "I need to take a New Zealand English lesson."


yoana wrote on November 30th 08 at 11:31AM
I lived in San Jose, CA!!! Anyways, I hope you get to dance a bunch, have loads of fun and then let us know if found your favorite dancer out in New Zealand.
Heather wrote on December 1st 08 at 09:38AM
I love that you are in New Zealand! Say hi to the Hobbits for me. ;D The trouble you had on the way in should be more than worth it from all I have heard. It's on my list of places I'd most like to visit.
David P wrote on December 10th 08 at 09:24AM
i LIVE in San Jose, CA! hahahaha
SwingSouth wrote on March 22nd 11 at 11:54AM
For the first time ever we are now teaching West Coast Swing in the South Island. We are called Swing South West Coast Swing and we running an introductory course in Christchurch that begins on Tueday, 5 April. Our website is and has all the information.
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