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You Wanna Go to Cambodia? Ok.

By SammyK on Wed, Mar 25th 09 at 04:38AM | Permalink | Comments (10)

That's how our conversation went:

Me: You want to go to Cambodia today?
William: Ok.

We'd been in Bangkok, Thailand for just 5 days and were already itching to get out and do some adventure-monkeys-and-elephans-in-the-jungle type stuff.

We've finally took some sound advice from our online friend Nomadic Matt and got off the well beaten, get-scammed-fast, guide-book-guided, tourist-trap road through South East Asia.

So we begin our counter-clockwise journey through South East Asia in the capitol of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Don't worry, I don't know how to pronounce it properly either.

It's awesome here! I saw like 4 white people this whole day! Everyone else is a local. And sure, there's still people here who try to hassle you to get a Tuk-Tuk or taxi, but you don't get swarmed like ants on a honey as soon as you step out of your hotel.

Interesting things from Cambodia - they used up an ENTIRE PAGE in my passport to place their massive visa sticker. And then added another stamp on another page after that. Dude - I've got more countries to go to!

The people here speak surprisingly good English. I'm trying to learn as much Khmer as possible. I start with what's most important: "Thank You" (Akun) and "Dessert" (forgot this one, but I used it earlier).

This country uses the US dollar as their currency. They have their own currency called the "riel," but they only use riel in place of US coins. So if something costs $3.50, you'd pay 3 USD and 2,000 riel.

"Gas stations" here are quite different from what we're used to in the States. This one is better described via video. I'll make sure to get some video footage of it for a minisode.

The people here are really friendly. Lots of smiles.

Tomorrow we head to a little coastal town called Kep (again going on Matt's advice). We've heard that it's a cool little beach paradise that's more "authentically Cambodian". It's costing us just $6 to get there. Nice.


Shawn wrote on March 25th 09 at 08:55AM
That's the way to go, Matt knows the area quite well.

If you head to the Middle East, or Turkey don't hesitate to e-mail me.
Corey W. wrote on March 25th 09 at 05:23PM
Welcome to Cambodia!!! I assume the gas stations are like what they showed on last seasons episode of The Amazing Race??
ellie wrote on March 26th 09 at 08:38AM
At least when you get to Europe they don't even look at your passport, let alone stamp it, when you cross boarders via land. That will save a lot of space
Marilyn Terrell wrote on March 26th 09 at 07:00PM
congratulations guys for winning Best Video Blog from Lonely Planet Travel Blog awards! Well done! We're following live on Twitter at #lpawards
kat wrote on March 26th 09 at 07:54PM
So glad to be reading the latest posts, I'm spending this summer in Phnom Pehn and I'm taking notes!
Michaela Potter wrote on March 27th 09 at 09:49AM
Most people who travel to Cambodia just go to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat to view the ruins. But I think Phnom Penh is an important place to visit as well to get an understanding of its most recent past. Don't miss the Killing Fields and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum!
Raji Muthukrishnan wrote on March 28th 09 at 09:34AM
Congratulations on winning the big one, the 2009 Lonely Planet Best Blog. Announced here:
Raji Muthukrishnan wrote on March 28th 09 at 09:34AM
Congratulations on winning the big one, the 2009 Lonely Planet Best Blog. Announced here:
ruthe wrote on March 30th 09 at 10:16PM
Great to see that NomadicMatt is giving you guys tips. He's one of the other travel blogs I read on a regular basis =) - I love how the internet (twitter for me) brings everyone together. Anyway, Indonesia does that weird huge visa sticker thing too - just FYI if that's on your itinerary too. Oh congrats on your LP win too!
Jamie Powers wrote on April 16th 09 at 08:12PM
You guys are so cool! I don't even make dinner plans that last minute! JK...but you know what I mean!
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