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Where are the Video Podcasts?

By SammyK on Sun, Dec 7th 08 at 02:36PM | Permalink | Comments (3)

I know a lot of you have noticed it's been a while since our last video podcast update. No worries (as they say here in New Zealand), I've just been spending all of my time on a big web project this past week and haven't been able to post one.

Plus, my bandwidth is capped here in Auckland. So uploading video files is not super easy and inexpensive to do.

But the good news is, I'm changing up the video podcast format a little bit. Soon, you will start to see the very first ever set of Minisodes.

Minisodes are like normal Episodes, but they are around a minute long and come out more often than the normal Episodes. We'll still have our normal Episodes as well, but we'll release those less often - like monthly or bi-monthly.

My goal is to release a new Minisode two times a week.

Why are we changing it up? Well, if you'll notice, the most recent video we posted was of Torres del Paine. That's when we were in Chile. Since then we've been all over Argentina and have been in New Zealand for over a week. So the Episodes are really behind.

We also have tons of good video footage that we don't get to include into the normal Episodes because it makes them way too long.

With Minisodes, we can release a little nugget of joy a lot more often - and a lot more relevant to where we are at the time.

So be on the lookout this week for the new video format. I believe you will enjoy it!


Nomadic Matt wrote on December 7th 08 at 11:19PM
Less explanations, more video!
SammyK wrote on December 8th 08 at 03:17AM
@Nomadic Matt: Yes, sir! :)
Aunt Lois wrote on December 8th 08 at 02:45PM
I was beginning to worry about you, since I hadn't seen anything new for a while. Love you...
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