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It Begins.

By William on Mon, Sep 15th 08 at 06:36AM | Permalink | Comments (4)

The bags are packed, the goodbyes have been said.  In just a few hours we will be on a plane to Guatemala where our journey begins.

I can't really say I'm excited yet.  It's so hard to comprehend something so different than anything I've done before.  Whenever I have traveled in the past, I've always known exactly where I'd be going and what I'd be doing when I got there.  Now all we have is a list of countries, and the names of people who might be able to help us along the way.

Every country will bring new challenges to face.  Dealing with language barriers, cultural differences, lack of money, plus countless other obstacles we will have to overcome.  Not knowing where we will be staying each night, what we will eat, or how we will get there.  There is no doubt it will be an adventure, the event of a lifetime, we can only hope it will be an enjoyable one.


Ryan wrote on September 15th 08 at 05:49PM
William, have an awesome trip. I hope you have a blast!
mango wrote on September 15th 08 at 08:46PM
pretty cool idea...i leave the 29th to backpack southern south america for a few months...

chile > bolivia > peru > brazil > argentina > patagonia area > chile

if we are in the same area i am down to meet up and exchange some stories
Scott wrote on September 16th 08 at 11:55AM
I'm excited enough for the both of us! (and I'm not going!)

Good luck and Godspeed, William!
David Potter wrote on September 16th 08 at 02:01PM
William! It's been so tough for me watching you guys prepare for this journey and not physically BEING there to support you guys. I really wish I could have been amongst those who crashed at your house and wished you guys off in style. I was really bummed when I realized I wouldn't be coming home to hang with you and Sam this winter. The video looks AWESOME...so professional, which is exactly what I expected out of you guys. Keep in touch and leave nothing out! Nothing!
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