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By William on Thu, Sep 4th 08 at 01:30PM | Permalink | Comments (2)

These are the words that have been running through my head for the last 6 months.  Ever since Sam told me of his plan to travel the world and I decided to join him I’ve been telling myself “Make it happen.”

I have constantly been told how jealous people are of me that I am going on such an amazing journey.  How they wish someday they too could travel the world.  I always tell them they just have to make it happen.  Sitting around saying “Some day…” will never work.  If you really want to do it, just pick a deadline and do whatever it takes.

Unlike Sam, I was not in the perfect situation to leave town for a year – far from it.  I had very little money saved up, a good job that I enjoyed very much, two cats, and a house I’d bought about 8 months before.  Pretty much the only thing I had going for me was being young and single.  However, I knew that if I didn’t do whatever it took to join Sam on the journey, I would probably end up stuck here for a long time.  I would be just another guy working a desk job his entire life, looking back and wishing that I’d done more when I was young.

6 months later and we are on the verge of starting our journey.  With the help of friends and family, I have overcome all obstacles standing in the way of my embarking on this trip.  Selling my beloved Jeep provided the necessary funds, I left my job (much to the dismay of my coworkers), I have a friend to take care of my cats, and two others to rent my house.  Everything has fallen into place so amazingly it is almost hard to believe.  All that is left is to pack up my gear, clean my house, and I will be ready to go.  I can only hope the journey itself will go as smoothly.


Ryan wrote on September 14th 08 at 09:01PM
Have an great trip my friend. Hope it's an awesome one.
David Potter wrote on September 16th 08 at 02:31PM
Little do you know that Hiro is ALSO planning a world trip while you are gone. Rendezvous at the "coffee" shop in Amsterdam? Yaaaahh!
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