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The Site Has Officially Launched!

By SammyK on Mon, Sep 15th 08 at 10:00PM | Permalink | Comments (5)

Yay! After much hard work, the site has officially launched. There are a lot of things that are not on the site right now, but those things will be added soon. For example the details of our ridiculous travel budget. And we're adding some sweet Google Map integration. You will be pleasantly surprised soon.

Oh, and thanks for the pics, Frith. Without those we wouldn't have had anything to put in the photos section of the site.

Right now we're in the Las Angeles airport waiting for our flight to Guatemala. We have a 4 and a half layover. Thank goodness the $7 internet I bought back in Chicago works here as well.

Some of you probably caught on to the weirdness of our flight pattern to Guatemala. We drove from Lexington, KY all the way to Chicago (thanks to William's mom!) and then flew all the way to L.A. before flying all the way to Guatemala the next day. It's true. It is indeed weird, but it actually made have saved us some serious headaches.

A normal flight to Guatemala usually goes through Huston or Atlanta - straight down to Guatemala, and straight through a hurricane. If we hadn't had such a crazy flight pattern, we'd still be sitting in Lexington trying to get another flight out.

It's weird how things work out when you decide to do something crazy. Like travel the world for a year for under $10,000. Who would do such a thing?


el clinto wrote on September 16th 08 at 10:15AM
Dude, you forgot your eggs here at the apartment..want me to mail them to you? or?
Scott wrote on September 16th 08 at 11:52AM
It's about time! The site looks great! I can't wait for more updates and for all the functionality to be complete. :) Best of luck and Godspeed!
Ellen Potter wrote on September 16th 08 at 12:51PM
Samwise Gamgee we are so proud of you and William!! I'm sorry we didn't get to say bon voyage - I will be prayin for you guys. Please get your page up to receive gifts!!
David Potter wrote on September 16th 08 at 01:45PM
Sam and William! It's been so tough for me watching you guys prepare for this journey and not physically BEING there to support you guys. I wish so badly I could have been amongst those who crashed William's house and wished you guys off in style. I'm so excited to read about your adventures! Sam- Sorry I was a contributor to the chaos in trying to get out of the US...I can't imagine the stress of planning a world trip and trying to deliver a web site for ShareShotgun at the same time. The video looks professional, which is exactly what I expected out of you guys. Keep in touch and leave nothing out! Nothing!
Scott wrote on September 17th 08 at 08:06PM
Just a thought - you should put something on the site that tells what timezone you are in or how offset from EST you are, or whatever. Y'know, in between adventures and what-not.
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