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First Few Days In Guatemala Sitting Behind A Computer

By SammyK on Thu, Sep 18th 08 at 07:39AM | Permalink | Comments (3)

We arrived safely in Guatemala City, Guatemala early Tuesday morning. We were greeted with a swarm of Guatemalans and taxi drivers asking to take us to Antigua (which is my favorite city in the world right now, so it was tempting.) But Mark Smith picked us up and took us to his palace - I mean house.

So far we haven't spent a cent in Guatemala and we're living like kings. Andrea (Mark's wife) is an amazing cook and we have have eaten some amazing home-cooked meals. We have hot showers (which is certainly a luxury in Guatemala) and cozy beds.

Thelma is Mark and Andrea's housekeeper. She washes our clothes every day. She doesn't speak any English, so it's good to get to practice my Spanish with her occasionally.

From the looks of it, it sounds like Mark and Andrea are millionaires. But that's not true at all. The house is a temporary living situation until they move back to the States. And a lot of Guatemalans have housekeepers - even the housekeepers have housekeepers. And because Guatemala is a service-driven economy, housekeepers are cheap.

William and I are discussing our plans while we're here. We want to do many things, but for right now in the next few days, I'll be tied to my computer. I have a lot of undone work that I have brought with me from the States. It really sucks to be in an exotic place like Guatemala and be sitting inside all day.

But as soon as I'm done with my online chores, we'll be able to explore Guatemala like we want to.

By the way - I have fixed a few bugs on the site that were happening for people using Internet Explorer 6. I have a MacBook Pro, so it's a little harder for me to test my sites in a Microsoft browser. If you're using such a non-choice browser such as Internet Explorer 6, I beg you to make the right decision and upgrade.


Ryan wrote on September 18th 08 at 08:21AM
Sam, I miss you buddy!

p.s. Add cookies so I don't have to continue to type in my info every time I want to post a comment.
Heather wrote on September 19th 08 at 07:52AM
I am proud of you and a little jealous. Okay, a lot jealous! Stay safe and have fun!
David wrote on September 19th 08 at 12:59PM
cooookies! OM NOM NOM NOM!
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