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Happy Halloween from Chile!

By SammyK on Fri, Oct 31st 08 at 06:09PM | Permalink | Comments (5)

Today is the first major holiday that William and I are spending outside of the States on our one-year journey. And what are we doing to celebrate Halloween? Well, we just stepped off a boat that took us through the sea-islands of Chile for 36 hours. I'd like to celebrate Halloween by taking a shower.

It's been more than 4 days since my last shower I think. And that shower four days ago consisted of me pouring water over myself with my Nalgene water bottle. I had gone about 4 days without a shower before that one. That means I've had only one "shower" in the past 8 days. Gross.

I'm starting to realize that hot water is a luxury and soap is a rare bathroom condiment.

Tonight we shall seek a hostel where a hot shower is in order. That is - hopefully.

The town that we're in is called Coyhaique. We're only going to be here long enough to buy our $40 plane tickets to Punta Arenas where we will eventually make our way to Torrse Del Paine which is an amazing National Park in Patagonia.

But for now we have to find a place to stay and hopefully find some faster internet access than the free public access.

I might ask around to see if there are any cool Halloween parties going on here tonight. The street vendors have been selling these cheap plastic masks so we could just pick one up, slap it on our face and BAM! We got ourselves a well-thought-out Halloween costume.


Daniel wrote on October 31st 08 at 06:52PM
I too had a "well-thought-out Halloween costume." My pumpkin was giant so I cut out the bottom and put the whole thing on my head. Everyone hail the Pumpkin King. Glad to hear you're going to Punta Arenas.
Todd wrote on October 31st 08 at 07:08PM
I just went three weeks without any good internet at home because I put off calling insight to fix it. I felt lazy when I saw you walking all over creation for most of the day in search of WIFI. Looks like your getting the adventure you were looking for. God bless and be safe.

Moises wrote on October 31st 08 at 09:04PM
Hola amigos, espero qe la leche con platano se su mejor desayuno, por que van a pasar mucho frio en Torres del Paine... Moises...Chile
Scott wrote on November 1st 08 at 03:25PM
MAJOR holiday? Halloween? Hmmm...
SammyK wrote on November 2nd 08 at 10:12AM
@Daniel: Nice! You've got to send me a picture of that.

@Todd: haha! I miss you, Toddy.

@Moises: Hola! Gracias para la leche con platano. Sabe muy rica! Y gracias para mostrarnos el barco y sus photos.

@Scott: Your mom's a major holiday. Ooooooh!
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