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My Favoritist City in the World!

By SammyK on Sun, Sep 28th 08 at 12:52PM | Permalink | Comments (6)

After waiting on our shuttle to Antigua for over an hour and a half, we finally arrived in Antigua, Guatemala on Friday evening. We were sent off from Guatemala City with a huge thunderstorm. The city really didn't want us to leave for some reason I guess.

When we got here we were taken to a hotel that costs 35Q a night which is about $4.70. It was certainly a no-frills hotel with a single shared bathroom between all three rooms the hotel had to offer. We dropped all our stuff off on the bed and started walking around town.

Antigua is by far my favorite city I have ever been to. Life here is so chill. It's a tiny little town that you can traverse by foot in about 45 minutes. There was a law passed in the 1700's that prevented anyone from changing the look of their buildings. Walking the streets here is a little like stepping back in time with cobblestone streets and some beautiful architecture styled to centuries ago.

There are a lot of people here from all over the world. Which means lots of different languages. Which is probably one of the reasons why it's my favoritiest city in the world. However, there are many more little towns to discover on our journey around the world. Antigua may soon be debunked by another little town in Europe or Iceland. Who knows.

William and I are taking a week of Spanish classes here. We will be staying with a Guatemalan family starting tonight. It will no doubt be like what I have always called the best two weeks of my life. That is, the first time I came to Antigua to study Spanish in 2005. I did not know a lick of Spanish then. Now I'm conversational and am working on broadening my speaking abilities so that I don't have to talk about things the same way every time.

I haven't gotten online since we got here until now. I would have had internet access yesterday, but I have learned that before you buy a drink at a coffee place that has "Free WiFi" you need to aks them if their internet is even working. It wasn't. And I didn't find that out until I had already spent the rest of my day's budget on the drink.

Our next podcast comes out tomorrow. It includes our encounter with Goat Man and our adventure down into the ghetto of Zone 18. If all goes as planed and I am able to upload about 200MB of data with this sketchy internet, then it should be up by tomorrow afternoon.


Kitty wrote on September 28th 08 at 01:03PM
Hey guys! Antigua is my fave city too! Make sure you go to Rilley's pub for an irish/guatemalan bar experience! Tons of fun. Also near the Hermano Pedro church on the other side of town, there's a cute little restaurant/bar/cafe called Sky Bar and you canhave the most amazing breakfasts there if it's not raining too much like this sunday afternoon! The market is very colorfull and great to go walking around too. Hope you have a blast in Guate!
Ryan wrote on September 28th 08 at 02:18PM
I can't wait until you get to Zermatt, in Switzerland, then I'd love to hear your opinion on that small town, it's an amazing place.
Tracey Melin wrote on September 28th 08 at 03:30PM
Hey sam, It sounds like everything is going great so far. I enjoyed your first 2 videos. I'm glad you're safe and having a great time.
Ashlee wrote on September 28th 08 at 06:32PM
I'm very excited for you guys! So, how are you videoing yourselves walking... like in the airport?
Kayla :) wrote on September 29th 08 at 09:06AM
Oh man.. that sounds so thrilling. aughghghg... this reminds me of the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries" minus the motorcycle...
Ashlee wrote on October 4th 08 at 04:51PM
Wow, another Ashlee who spells her name the same way. :)
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