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The Life of a Surf Bum

By William on Thu, Feb 26th 09 at 08:28PM | Permalink | Comments (16)

I'm sure a lot of people are wondering what I've been doing since I got to Australia.  The answer; not much.  After staying in Newcastle for about 3 weeks with a family I was introduced to by Sam's sister, I started to make my way north.  I ended up in the little surfing town of Lennox Head.  It has a few shops, 2 hostels, and a huge beach with perfect waves and absolutely no crowds, ever.  I spent almost a week there just surfing, snorkeling, and pretty much nothing else.

After travelling up the east coast with Sam for a few days I learned that the rest of Australia is not like Lennox Head.  All I found were beaches full of tourists and surfers, the waves so crowded that it was almost impossible for me to catch one.  After a few frustrated days, I said farewell to Sam and headed back to Lennox Head.

I don't know when I will have the opportunity to surf again in the future, so I am just not ready to leave behind this perfect surfing community with it's gorgeous beach. 

I wake up and go surfing, then I eat lunch, read for a bit, go surfing again.  In the evenings I go swimming in a gorgeous lake which is died red from the surrounding tea trees.  It's basically a lake full of tea.  The next day I repeat the process.  Yeah, it's a tough life.


Scott wrote on February 26th 09 at 09:08PM
I'm jealous. Am I starting to sound like a broken record? Well, since I probably am, I might as well say, "Come home so we can go climbing!!!"
SammyK wrote on February 27th 09 at 06:02AM
hehe. Just don't come back a pothead. :)
Dustin wrote on February 27th 09 at 11:57AM
Don't drink the water.
Mary Audrey wrote on February 27th 09 at 07:59PM
About time! Not more month breaks between blogs please! It makes living vicariously through you very difficult.
William wrote on February 28th 09 at 04:28PM
@Scott - I think we've established the fact that you're jealous.

@Sammy - *rolls eyes*

@Dustin - Really?
shane wrote on February 28th 09 at 08:55PM
Dustin probably means the sea water.

Don't worry about the tap water in Oz. Nearly all tap water is drinkable. In the rare instance it isn't there will be notices.
Mom wrote on March 1st 09 at 10:54AM
How about some pictures? :)
Dustin wrote on March 3rd 09 at 08:44AM
I was talking about the red lake water, but who knows, if it's tea leaves making it red, it actually might be good. William, taste it a let us know.
shane wrote on March 3rd 09 at 07:10PM
Oops, my bad. Apparently you can drink the water in the lake but a couple of years ago they had an outbreak of blue-green algae which you shouldn't even swim in. They'll have warnings posted if that is the case.
Abby Kunes wrote on March 6th 09 at 08:58PM
Happy Birthday William!!!!!! Great to see your pictures again and read how you're doing. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love ya
Aunt Susan, Lana, & John of Seattle wrote on March 7th 09 at 08:34AM
Hi William! You have been celebrating your 27th birthday for over a day now - at least I hope you have! Your whole trip is a celebration of life! Happy Birthday William! Love Susan, Lana, and John
Jamie Powers wrote on March 8th 09 at 06:01PM
Happy Birthday!!! Love your post!
Aunt Susan of Seattle wrote on March 10th 09 at 09:17AM
Hi William,
I just caught up on the photos you have posted - I was way behind. They are truly gorgeous! You have an amazing talent to frame scenes so dramatically.
Love, Susan
Hey William (called the Kentucky guy in Lennox)
I'm really impressed by your homepage and a lot more impressed that you're still in Lennox Head!
You were a really nice room mate
Thanks that I was allowed to take my showers still in you appartment when we had already to move to another room ;)
Lennox was the best place to stay for a longer time then only a couple of days
PS: Finally I made it and coould have a look at your homepage! (now only the Kentucky music: bluegrass music is missing)
Sam wrote on August 18th 09 at 06:23PM
Lake Ainslie is the name of that red lake, it's a fantastic place to visit. I go there every Christmas, never gets old!
dylan wrote on October 21st 09 at 06:50PM
can u recomend any good surf spots in sa. and by the way im sick of all u shoobies stealing our waves
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