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Feeling Lazy in Sydney

By SammyK on Thu, Jan 15th 09 at 12:01AM | Permalink | Comments (4)

We made it to Sydney!... Like over a week ago... and we haven't updated the site because we've been lazy.

But that's what Australia is all about for us. I'm hanging out in Sydney with a Couch Surfer named Adam working on web projects and dancing while William stays in Newcastle to learn to surf.

Now, some explanations.

We've been asked by many, "What happened to Argentina?" It got hardly any media coverage at all on our site.

The resaon: I had just posted the "Torres del Paine" videos from Chile and I was pooped with editing video and didn't want to edit at all while we were in Argentina. So I rejuvenated my video editing zeal a few weeks later with creating the minisode series. I didn't want to start the series with footage we had taken a month ago, so I just fast forwarded to New Zealand.

So now that we're not doing much in Australia, we can catch up with the Argentina videos where you'll meet Benny from Ireland and see the biggest pillow fight you've ever seen in your life.

But before that, check out our grand finale New Zealand in a Nutshell video. It's our entire month-and-a-half New Zealand trip in in about 2 and a half minutes.


Benny Lewis wrote on January 16th 09 at 09:34AM
Great!! I can't wait to see your Argentina adventure :D
Peter Nolan wrote on January 17th 09 at 11:42AM
wow... this site in its entirety is basically what i wish i was doing with my life. you guys seem to enjoy it, so i won't tell you to. but congrats on this success and let me know when you want to make it haha
David P wrote on January 17th 09 at 11:22PM
Hey man, a little gift for you: I found an album that you will adore...or at least...I hope you will. It's like a really shiny version of Postal Service...the band is called Owl City and the album is Maybe I'm Dreaming. Just buy the whole thing :) Miss ya
Jamie Powers wrote on February 3rd 09 at 04:12AM
YAY! LOVE you!!!
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