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Episode 11 - Meet Roro

November 10, 08 from Chile

Sam and William stay with Roro in his very humble abode in Puerto Montt, Chile and take day trips to amazing little towns.


radbadnomad wrote on November 11th 08 at 10:04AM
How was your overall experience with couchsurfing? Looks like it went pretty well. I plan on using it a lot on my trip aswell. Good video guys.
Scott wrote on November 11th 08 at 02:25PM
William - I am sorry I ever doubted your "making Chili in Chile 'cause it's chilly" tweet.
David P wrote on November 17th 08 at 09:56AM
Hey guys- love the music in this video. Postal Service at the end was a great touch! Keep in touch.
Pia Anazco wrote on November 19th 08 at 03:21PM
Hey Hi.
I'm Pia, actually I'm from Puerto Montt and i have to say that i loved the video. Sence the end of March I moved to Norway, married a norwegian and now we have a little girl of 3 months old.
I miss my Region a lot, specially Pto Varas, I was tour guide there for 4 years (english-portuguese spoken).
My mom lives still in Pto Montt, she is single Mom and I'm her only daughter, and i regret 100% to be here away from here.
Thats why i thank you so much for the video.
Greetings from Norway
Pia ;-)
The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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