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Minisode #14 - Isle of the Flies

March 10, 09 from Australia

Sam, William and Mills discover the largest sand island in the world - Fraser Island in Australia. The tension thickens when two dangerous dingos discover the three friends.


Daniel wrote on March 11th 09 at 06:48AM
Sam, you continue to make excellent videos. No wonder your skills are sought after.
Sam's Mom wrote on March 11th 09 at 07:14AM
Mills is BRAVE! That Dingo got too close for comfort. So did those monster flies.
Kyle wrote on March 11th 09 at 03:14PM
Those flies were disgusting, I dont know if i could handle them. This video rocked by the way!It was awesome! Too bad it wasnt longer...whats with all the minisodes?
Scott wrote on March 11th 09 at 07:21PM
By far the best video i've seen in recent weeks! This is why I kept coming back to watch more!! :)

Loved all the "DEAD" and "SMACK" and "shrieking like a little girl".
Corey wrote on March 12th 09 at 03:47PM
Great video as always! What kind of flies are these?? They sorta look like Horseflies.
David wrote on March 12th 09 at 06:27PM
Awesome video bro, really like this one. The dingo ate my baby! My friend Tracy wants to meet you in Thailand, please let me know when you will be there!
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