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Episode 16 - The Swiss Alps Adventure

November 11, 09 from Switzerland

Sam and William traverse the dangerous icy slopes of the Swiss Alps with their friend Alison who takes a wrong step and starts to head in a deadly direction.


SammyK wrote on November 11th 09 at 01:59PM
Sorry this one took so long to post! It's one of my new favorites - I hope you enjoy it!
TwoBackpackers wrote on November 13th 09 at 01:11PM
Another awesome video that captures some incredible emotion. So did you originally intend to go over the Alps? Did you ever get over them?
eatmybeans wrote on November 18th 09 at 09:34PM
This is a great website. What do you use to create your videos? Why are you using Twitter applications for a verification process?
danieldurick wrote on November 23rd 09 at 08:29AM
my favorite video yet sam. hope there is still some footage out there you just haven't got around to editing yet.

Excruciatingly...awesome. By far the best line in this video.
andyBhewitt wrote on August 21st 10 at 11:21PM
I just watched this again. Awesome views. Awesome video. Way to go on saving Alison.
The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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