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Minisode #7 - Climbing Mt. Doom

December 30, 08 from New Zealand

We hike the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand and try to hike to the top of the volcano that played Mt. Doom in Lord of the Rings. But on the way up, the clouds moved in, we got lost, and we were in serious danger.


Ryan wrote on December 30th 08 at 07:11AM
I love how that music seemed to fit so perfectly, it's like that music was composed for that volcano, strange!
Roger wrote on December 31st 08 at 04:15AM
Your podcasts are having a problem on iTunes.
El Clinto wrote on December 31st 08 at 09:25AM
Love it! You guys are like 2 real live survivormen. Love the LOTR scene reenactment, good stuff.
SammyK wrote on December 31st 08 at 03:28PM
@Roger: Thanks so much for letting me know about that! I've fixed it.
GARRETT S wrote on January 2nd 09 at 01:31PM
I love everyone of your videos guys! Keep the goods coming, you all crack me up!
ScenicBoys wrote on February 28th 09 at 10:02AM
Hey Guys, we're nominated in the same category with you for best video blog. You guys have some pretty cool adventures and it looks like you have a blast. Your site is great, we like the stats at the bottom. Good Luck in the competition.
Samopoly wrote on January 16th 10 at 07:08PM
I just found your blog and you guys are so talented. I'm really impressed with the writing, video editing, website, everything. :)
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