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Episode 12 - Preparing for the Torres

November 17, 08 from Chile

Sam and William take a ferry through the Patagonia channels and prepare for trekking in Torres del Paine.


Sam's Mom wrote on November 18th 08 at 04:17AM
Again...great job on the videos. Everything looks so exciting.

You're looking really skinny! By the end of the trip, you may be down to your original weight. Ten and one half pounds.

What kind of camera is William using? He has some amazing pictures! He did find his way back and your together again...right?

Love you sweetie,
Jessi & Sebastian from germany:-) wrote on November 18th 08 at 10:13AM
Hi guys how are u? We are now at home:-( and i`m waiting for the great movie from the torres...still here its not warmer, but not that much wind..;-) great time see u and take care bye for now
danwray wrote on November 18th 08 at 11:30AM
it is really something that can only be adequately explained with demonstration or illustration. way to bridge the language barrier
Ethan Kalkwarf wrote on November 18th 08 at 05:28PM
Very nice video!
anna wrote on November 19th 08 at 04:37AM
You guys are amazing! Between your blogs, pictures, and video I feel like I am there with you. I love the music that you combine with the video too! Continue to go with God.
Abby Kunes wrote on November 21st 08 at 04:09AM
I too love the music you put with the videos. Can't wait to see the next one--what a climate shock. You really have a respect for Gods creation and the elements. I bet lots of prayer went into this trek. Praying always for your safety in the time of adventure
Corey wrote on November 24th 08 at 11:01PM
Amazing video. I'd honestly be torn between both your wants. I love to hike, but I wouldn't give up the chance to learn tango in the country it was born in. Oh, the decisions!

It's really amazing the quality of these videos considering you're doing this AS you're traveling. I really commend you on that! Keep it up and travel safe!


ps. I'd've probably done the same thing as Sam. The whole randomly teaching cha cha dance moves to anyone that will give me the chance.
Daniel Durick wrote on December 3rd 08 at 12:33PM
This videos are amazing. I really enjoy keeping up with you guys. By the way who does the music at around 1 minute?
SammyK wrote on December 3rd 08 at 02:50PM
@Daniel Durick: Thanks man - that song is "Selisona Pi" by "E.S. Posthumus".
Leah wrote on January 13th 09 at 11:38AM
Sam, I am an old friend of your cousin, Rio. I have to say, this is a completely amazing website and trip you and William are making! I have spent my day off (sick) watching up till now, and am sad that I have to pick my children up from school already! I can't wait to see more. I have a feeling I will be up way too late tonight;)
Jen Hodi wrote on August 21st 09 at 09:32AM
Awesome ending!
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