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Minisode #11 - Buenos Aires Pillow Fight

February 21, 09 from Argentina

Every year Buenos Aires, Argentina hosts a big pillow flight. William and Sam jump right into the intense fighting action.


Scott wrote on February 21st 09 at 08:35AM
Poor William got the pillow-beat-down.

Sam looked like he might have enjoyed it.. TOO much.
Kirsten wrote on February 21st 09 at 08:46AM
oh my gosh, that was AMAZING! i think my favorite part was when the locals yelled "foreigner, foreigner!" and then proceeded to attack your friend.
Daniel wrote on February 21st 09 at 12:16PM
"The Foreigner!"
Corey wrote on February 21st 09 at 05:02PM
Oh dear! That cracked me up so much. Totally killed myself laughing when they all started to yell "The Foreigner!"

And I now have a new battle cry. "Vamos!!"

Much much better than "Stamos!"
Kyle wrote on February 21st 09 at 07:30PM
That was awesome!
Good soundtrack! Haha, it fit the video well. :D
Benny Lewis wrote on February 21st 09 at 10:40PM
Absolutely LOVED it!!! What an amazing afternoon - I'll be sharing this with everyone! You even got me waving my ass tauntingly at the 17 girls!
I don't think it's an annual event, it was a Flashmob organized over facebook etc.
Thanks so much for sharing this!! Looking forward to all future minisodes :D
Mom wrote on February 22nd 09 at 11:17AM
Too funny! The music was perfect with the action and the shot from above with all the pillows flopping was great! Why didn't you get the Foreigner beating? Maybe holding a camera protected you.

I wonder if you'll start something like this in Lexington. It looks like fun.
David wrote on February 23rd 09 at 04:49PM
That was hilarious!
shane wrote on February 24th 09 at 04:11PM
Hilariously awesome. System Of A Down went perfectly with the pictures. Good stuff.
Fun Lilliy wrote on May 15th 09 at 03:48PM
I fell to the ground when William had just started to hit people he was doing it so nicely then he got gang beaten by the others.. that was to funny I am still laughing..
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