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Microsode #2 - How to Eat Bugs

April 14, 09 from Cambodia

William eats a tarantula and Sam eats a fried cricket. Can they keep it down?


Ryan wrote on April 14th 09 at 09:57PM
Danie wrote on April 14th 09 at 10:03PM
danwray wrote on April 14th 09 at 10:33PM
i kind of hate both of you for this
shane wrote on April 14th 09 at 10:49PM
Well done. It's like an episode of the amazing race without the spew bucket. The funny thing is you munch on the weird stuff without a problem but hesitate at a fried fish. :-)
Corey wrote on April 15th 09 at 01:11AM
Ah! I squirmed so much during this episode! Kudos guys!
Mom and Dad wrote on April 15th 09 at 05:46AM
Must say it was hard to watch and Dad was freaking at the thought of it. Like I've said before, you guys are crazy.
It must agree with you because you both look great!!!
Scott wrote on April 15th 09 at 06:55AM
I kind of felt like I was watching Bear Grylls for a second there.

1) Gross.
2) Did you guys go back for seconds?
3) ... (no words)
Paula wrote on April 15th 09 at 12:00PM
You guys were really nice to each other! When I was in China, I was going to eat silkworms with the guys, but they got so disgusted trying them that I had to chicken out. A tarantula -and- a cricket. Not bad.
Braeden wrote on April 15th 09 at 02:01PM
so that pretty much sums it up. William is Bear Grylls
James wrote on April 16th 09 at 06:18PM
Bear Grylls comes to mind watching this... Glad you guys didn't hurl. What's the strangest thing y'all have eaten while there?

I got excited when William first chomped into it... haha! Glad to see things are going well.
Mills wrote on April 19th 09 at 05:39AM
Hey guys! Awesome clip. Had to watch it twice just to check I'd seen correctly! ;) Keep them coming. xXx
ruthe wrote on May 4th 09 at 12:42AM
Awesome! You guys would do Andrew Zimmern proud & he says tarantulas taste like crab. Is that true?
Fun Lilliy wrote on May 15th 09 at 06:15PM
Jon wrote on September 11th 09 at 10:50AM
Hey Sammy! It's Jon here. I know exactly where you guys were! Its where the bus stops between Siam Reap and Phnom Penh right? I was tempted to try the spider when I was there, but decided against it before my stomach had become used to the weird foods. Luckily I did because I ended up getting heat exhaustion and passing out after getting back onto that bus!
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