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Vietnam Special - Day 5-7: Try Not To Die

August 24, 09 from Vietnam

In the final leg of the motorbike journey through Vietnam, Sam and William are constantly being run off the road by massive trucks. With no other English speakers in sight, the effects of a long journey together start to show in the night of day 6 as they start to act a little strange.


Kirk wrote on August 24th 09 at 07:18PM
Awesome ending guys! I've been watching you since last September and this Vietnam series looked incredibly fun. Thanks for bringing me along :)
Jason wrote on August 24th 09 at 07:54PM
This series has been awesome. Great comedy, scenery and editing!
Sam's Mom wrote on August 24th 09 at 09:50PM
It's amazing that you are having such incredible experiences. The people seemed so nice. No wonder you loved it there.

We'll have pizza and hamburgers when you get home!!! It will put MORE hair on your chest.

Daniel wrote on August 26th 09 at 09:33AM
Now the question is: Will you ride or get a motorcycle here in the states?
Amy Weber wrote on August 31st 09 at 07:40PM
Looking forward to seeing the Italy footage. Great vidcasts so far!
Hugo wrote on September 12th 09 at 12:59AM
Now it's time to China.I'm here Guangzhou waiting you two guys.Just call me:8613128656978
Roberto wrote on October 5th 09 at 10:04PM
These videos are great guys! I'd love to do something similar on my future trips. What equipment do you have for the videos? Do you edit them on the road? What software? Thanks for the tips!
Ernest wrote on October 22nd 09 at 04:10AM
cheers, guys!
u're really lucky when not catch any accident in my country:)) [it's pretty awesome]
Good luck & have Fun in your next destinations!
Sincere welcome to Vietnam;)
HoangDJ wrote on October 22nd 09 at 05:06AM
Dude =(( A pity that when you were in Vietnam, I wasn't there at that time. Great trip, great luck (two pieces are lucky already, lolz).
Btw, how to make your cam constantly record like that? Did you stick it or do something with the motorbike's mirror? Great vid!
Cheers from... a Vietnamese...(temporarily) live in Bangkok.
SammyK_Test wrote on November 6th 09 at 07:51AM
This is a test comment! Yay!
turool wrote on November 2nd 10 at 05:39AM
Hi just discovered your videos on vietnam and my brother are doing the same sort of thing in april 2011, could you please answer me some questions ?

(1) Where did you hire your bikes ?

(2) Did you have to leave your passport with them?

(3) what was your average time spent traveling to each town

Thank you

The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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