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Episode 2 - Welcome To Guatemala

September 23, 08 from Guatemala

Sam and William spend a week getting adjusted to the culture of Guatemala.


Ryan wrote on September 23rd 08 at 09:59AM
That was a great video, great to see that I made a cameo.
blanca wrote on September 23rd 08 at 10:33AM
ala puchis que chilero ese video, que buena esa vaina
davidmac wrote on September 23rd 08 at 03:11PM
definitely enjoying this site.
MelAnIe wrote on September 23rd 08 at 08:21PM
uuuuuu!!!! so sweet... que bien nos vemos bailando salsa he!!! "que buena esa vaina" jijijiji
Robert Patterson wrote on September 25th 08 at 12:47PM
Great video! We just spent some time in Ecuador in June, so Guatemala looks very familiar. I'm wondering - how do you have the camera mounted for the shots when you're walking through the airport, etc?
kelli romanchuk wrote on September 26th 08 at 10:47AM
omg. the mom the definitely made me teary. hope you guys are doing wonderful, i'm proud of you. :)
kelli romanchuk wrote on September 26th 08 at 10:51AM
and by "the mom the," i naturally mean "the mom thing." love you!
Cory wrote on October 1st 08 at 09:41AM
This is fantastic! I hope that you all pull this off! True heros of adventure! God I wish I would have done that when I was younger and not been such a wuss! Live it up fellas!
The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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