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Episode 4 - Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

October 06, 08 from Guatemala

We arrive in Antigua, Guatemala and discover unwanted guests in our beds.


danwray wrote on October 6th 08 at 09:18PM
i think you dont know what dingleberries are...
elclinto wrote on October 6th 08 at 10:31PM
I miss you sammyk! Watch out for those terdmerchant bed riders...and the bed bugs too. Love ya dude.
mom wrote on October 7th 08 at 05:30AM
Well done guys and so funny!
Mary Audrey wrote on October 7th 08 at 07:46PM
I wish we would have done those checks with the beds last time I was in Guatemala...

PS- Did you ever give that poor dog some loving? He was sooo sweet!
SammyK wrote on October 8th 08 at 08:57AM
@danwray: Haha! True.

@elclinto: I miss you too! Thanks again for the blog write-up.

@[William's] mom: Thanks!

@Mary Audrey: I do remember - I actually thought about that. It was at hotel Baru. You definitely have a reaction to bedbugs. It looked like you had chickenpox! I didn't give said dog any loving. If you approach dogs here they either growl at you or scurry away with their tail under them.
Scott wrote on October 8th 08 at 09:16AM
You guys sounded almost like a show on the Travel Channel near the beginning... and then like two of the people i miss having fun with the most near the end.
SpEdLaw2 wrote on October 8th 08 at 01:19PM

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davidmac wrote on October 8th 08 at 03:03PM
Thanks for the heads up. My wife was mad that she watched this, bc she thinks ignorance is bliss. But I am happy for the new skill of dingleberry hunting :)
radbadnomad wrote on October 9th 08 at 06:09AM
Great video guys, I look forward to following your journey.
Lorin wrote on October 9th 08 at 06:19AM
EEEWWWWW!!!! bed bugs!! i remember when mary audrey gotten eaten alive one night!! haha! her poor legs! i'm glad you all survived them tho!! :)
caleb wrote on October 10th 08 at 10:07AM
i worked at UK as an RA two years ago and we had an infestation of bed bugs on one of the floors in my building. completely shut off a couple of rooms.

small world.
bugs. yum.

judy wrote on October 12th 08 at 11:24AM
eeew, bedbugs are NASTY business! once they're in your stuff, that's it!
and i hope you fed that dog something! poor puppy...
Alison wrote on October 12th 08 at 08:14PM
I like your little friend who followed you around. Very cute! Miss you bunches. Be safe! And don't let the bed bugs bite... :)
Annamae wrote on October 25th 08 at 09:53AM
That cute little dog makes me sad...I want you to bring him home! That hotel would creep me out, how did you stay there???
Jen Hodi wrote on August 20th 09 at 08:58AM
Very entertaining AND informative. Makes me all the more grateful for my spiderless, bug-free bed right now!
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