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Minisode #4 - Skydiving in New Zealand

December 20, 08 from New Zealand

To get into the Christmas spirit, William and Sam jump out of an airplane in Taupo, New Zealand.


Daniel wrote on December 20th 08 at 02:53AM
Ooohhh you stinking poopheads!! My jealousy knows no bounds!!
SammyK wrote on December 20th 08 at 03:13AM
@Daniel: "you stinking poopheads" haha! I can totally here you saying that. I miss you D-well. :(
Benny wrote on December 20th 08 at 04:44AM
Your minisodes are really coming along!! I really enjoyed this one; very MTV style editing at the beginning :D :D
Ryan wrote on December 20th 08 at 08:31AM
I've never seen William look happier than that, he had the biggest smile on his face, great!
Dad Powers wrote on December 20th 08 at 10:24AM
You guys sure look like you are having fun neither one of you looked scared I am proud of you Go for all the adventures you can!
Mary Audrey wrote on December 20th 08 at 11:32AM
Now both you and Bryan have jumped out of planes and have tattoos!! I have some catching up to do, haha.
SammyK wrote on December 20th 08 at 01:30PM
@Benny: Thanks!

@Ryan: Yeah, I love that shot. He's all like, "Ooo, cookies!"

@Dad Powers: Thanks dad! We will. :)

@Mary Audrey: What!? Bryan skydived before I did!? Crap! I thought I was the first of the kids. Oh well... when did this happen? I don't remember hearing about it.
Sam's Mom wrote on December 20th 08 at 01:44PM
It's interesting to see how you both react so differently. I'm glad you didn't knock out your leader when you were doing your drumming action.
elclinto wrote on December 20th 08 at 01:50PM
The El Clinto! Love it! haha.
David P wrote on December 20th 08 at 09:37PM
Absolutely amazing. Huge smile!
Corey wrote on December 21st 08 at 11:20AM
So Jealous!!!! But honestly, can't say I'm not surprised. You're in the adventure sport capital of the world. It'd be super hard to pass that up. Neither of you looked at all nervous either(or was that just good editing??).

Travel safe guys!

Corey, from canada
SKYDIVE TAUPO wrote on December 26th 08 at 05:48PM
Hey guys...FANTASTIC!!!!!! We loved having you both here to play with us. Its guys like you that make our jobs fun and easy...Keep going nuts out there guys and make sure you call in and say hi the next time your in Taupo.
Play hard from all the crew at Skydive Taupo!!!
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