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Episode 5 - Learn You Some Spanish

October 10, 08 from Guatemala

Studying Spanish at CSA in Antigua, Guatemala. William gets sick and Sam gets stranded.


Dustin Ramcke wrote on October 10th 08 at 11:08AM
William, I'm sorry you were sick but that was hilarious!
Amanda wrote on October 10th 08 at 07:48PM
Why is "Nessun Dorma" playing in the background while you talk about your gastroenteritis?
radbadnomad wrote on October 11th 08 at 09:29AM
Awesome video guys, so would you recommend doing an intense language course like that? Was it worth it?
judy wrote on October 12th 08 at 11:02AM
aaaw! william i'm sorry you were sick!
and sam, you were hilarious @ graduation, lol. ^^
Daniel wrote on October 12th 08 at 06:51PM
We want to hear William speaking in Spanish!
SammyK wrote on October 13th 08 at 09:13AM
@Dustin: I agree in the hilarity of said sickness.

@Amanda: Well, I think it's because that song reminds me of you since it was on your top ten and all the medical talk made me think of you too. So think of of it as an Amanda tribute.

@radbadnomad: Thanks! For William it was worth it because he didn't know a lick of Spanish and for me it was worth it because I was conversational, but it had been a while since I talked in a lot in Spanish so it helped me remember a whole lot of stuff that I had forgotten.

@judy: I was excited about graduating. :)

@Daniel: He does - he's doing really good. I just haven't caught any of those rare moments on video yet.
Kelli Romanchuk wrote on October 13th 08 at 06:27PM
hee hee!! you guys must be getting pretty close. wearing eachother's underwear and everything.
jamie wrote on October 17th 08 at 09:07AM
I wish I hadn't discovered your website because, frankly, I have things to do. Instead I'm just sitting here watching videos. Thank God you've only produced 6.
Fun Lilliy wrote on May 15th 09 at 09:22AM
Every day I am watching a few of you minisodes.. they are all great.. I am amazed at the editing it captures the soul of the trip.. and its so informative there is a lot to learn from your journey.. like the volunteering and learning spanish from the locals on that kind of budget together with the experience that you gain by living with a family.. to catch up on you guys I am reading a bit from your blogs and seeing your videos from the start trying to get to where you are now I don’t want to miss the slow progression of your trip.
The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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