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Episode 9 - Welcome to Chile

October 27, 08 from Chile

Sam and William travel from Guatemala to Chile. They try to find WiFi and their bus breaks down.


Ryan wrote on October 27th 08 at 09:05AM
Santiago, seems pretty nice, you'd figure that the internet would work better in a nicer country, than in Guatemala, but guess it doesn't.
mom wrote on October 27th 08 at 10:54AM
William, you always bring a smile to my face when I watch your videos. You are such a blessing!!
Love You!!
danwray wrote on October 27th 08 at 11:41AM
stupid overly-friendly dog
georgette wrote on October 27th 08 at 01:56PM
just found you boys on twitter! I am loving your website and travels!! thank you!!! great information too! I love love love it!!
Sam's Mom wrote on October 27th 08 at 02:11PM
We are all LOVING your videos, pictures and blogs. It's so interesting to watch the two of you. Who is letting you stay for free this week? Was it someone you met through the Toro's? May they be blessed as they have blessed you.

Where did the coat come from? That was sooo funny.

Enjoy your stay. Big hug! Love you!
Scott wrote on October 27th 08 at 07:09PM
so I gotta say. I can't get enough of your videos, blogs, and photos. At times I feel like i'm going along with you two. I laugh at the dumb things you guys do, and then it turns into missing you guys like crazy. Keep the good times rolling, and do something stupid in honor of me. ;)
Ethan Kakwarf wrote on October 27th 08 at 09:32PM
I love watching these videos. I check my RSS feeds like daily to see if you have added a video. ha
radbadnomad wrote on October 28th 08 at 01:49AM
Great video guys! I will be in Europe Mar and Apr, if you guys are there, let me know we can meet up or something. I also have connections all over Europe from whenI was in the military, so if you guys need a place to stay for free over there, let me know. Safe travels.

SammyK wrote on October 28th 08 at 12:16PM
@Sam's Mom: We're staying with a guy named Roro. My next blog will be about him. We stayed with the Toro contacts last week in Santiago. They were awesome. The coat was from the closet of the room we were staying in. The closet was big enough that we had the computer set up in there on a desk. It was nice. Love you too!

@Scott: Thanks man - we both miss you. I met a guy that reminded me of you. He was from Canada and spoke French. I think a Scott honor is in order. :)

@radbadnomad: Yeah man - we'll definitely have to meet up. Thanks for the offer with your connections in Europe as well.
BenA wrote on October 28th 08 at 03:30PM
Hey guys, great movies!
But what's up with the episode-9.mp4 file? None of my players here seem to understand it... :-(
SammyK wrote on October 28th 08 at 03:36PM
@BenA: Thanks for saying something man. I'll check it out and hopefully fix whatever's wrong with it. Since the internet here in Chile is so darned unstable, I had to start and stop the upload several times, so I'm sure that has something to do with it.
Lydia K wrote on October 28th 08 at 07:28PM
William and Sam!! Braeden just told me about this site I had no idea! You guys are amazing and I wish you the best. Miss you William can't wait to watch more videos :)
davidmac wrote on October 30th 08 at 09:25AM
I lOVe tuning in to your videos... God Bless and have fun
Cole wrote on October 30th 08 at 01:02PM
Love the jacket William...suits
tertuliano wrote on October 31st 08 at 04:11AM
i was just wondering, with whom are you speaking to? us the viewers? if so you should be looking at the lens, not the lcd monitor. Or are you speaking to someone sitting next to the lens? :)

have fun guys.
SammyK wrote on October 31st 08 at 03:12PM
@Lydia K: What!? You miss William and not me? I see how it is. Just Kidding.

@tertuliano: We're talking to the camera gnome that lives on the side of the camera. He gets mad if we don't look at him. He slaps us if we look away for too long. So we keep our eyes fixed on him pretty good. :)
Kelli Romanchuk wrote on October 31st 08 at 03:43PM
HA!!! nice closing to this one. i thought the channel changed to flava flav for a second.

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