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Episode 8 - Climbing Volcano Pacaya

October 22, 08 from Guatemala

William climbs into the crater of volcano Pacaya and Sam teaches a dance class.


elclinto wrote on October 22nd 08 at 05:38PM
The videos are looking better and better.

Thx for the shout out! Was that a Relevant Magazine?

Get some sleep bro. We're praying for you.
Ryan wrote on October 22nd 08 at 05:38PM
I love the footage of the lava flowing down Pacaya, very very cool, hot actually, but you know what I mean.
Scott wrote on October 22nd 08 at 07:46PM
Did Sam climb the mountain, too? Or did just one of the "two guys" have this adventure?
William wrote on October 22nd 08 at 08:03PM
Sam was still feeling pretty sick, so I did this one alone.
SammyK wrote on October 23rd 08 at 12:59PM
@elclinto - Thanks! Indeed that was a Relevant Mag. The one with Rob Bell on the cover.

@Ryan - you're so punny.

@Scott - Yeah, I was sick, but I had climbed Pacaya back in 2005.
David P wrote on October 23rd 08 at 04:07PM
This video rocked, nice work guys. Please see my directive to Becky on previous entry.
Ethan Kalkwarf wrote on October 23rd 08 at 06:42PM
That volcano was so tight!
judy wrote on October 26th 08 at 02:32PM
what an awesome video! i've been to volcanoes, but never got THAT close to flowing lava! eee! scary! i hope the soles of your shoes didn't melt. ^^
Kyle wrote on October 31st 08 at 08:51AM
Nice!! The lava footage is AMAZING!! Plus the music you guys put with awesomeness. O_0
Keep it up and stay safe!
yancey wrote on November 2nd 08 at 04:25PM
Pacaya footage was amazing, to bad Sam was sick. It was also to bad that I just arrived to guatemala and the guys left to chile. I would have given you guys a complete tour of the coffee plantation in Paniba'j. Well hopefully we stay in contact and I'll be more then happy to re invite you to Guatemala and get that tour and don't worry about room and board we have adequate cabins available, oh yes free of charge. Thanks guys for the wonderful footage and with your approval I would like to add the Guatemala trip videos to our website in the near future. Just send me an email to

Thanks and I'll continue to view your videos as you travel the world.
SammyK wrote on November 3rd 08 at 02:17PM
@yancey: Thanks for the offer. I'll for sure be back in Guate eventually. I'll make sure to get back with you when I'm there.
sunil patro wrote on July 16th 09 at 08:42PM
Awesome volcano video...

It just seems mind-blowing to see it in person.

What video camera are you using, btw?

And who is shooting the videos when you are in the frame?
antoinerev wrote on March 3rd 10 at 04:09PM
Awesome. Your videos are really inspiring! Well done and thanks for sharing.
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