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Minisode #10 - Long Lost Argentina

January 24, 09 from Argentina

Sam and William split up to journey northward in Argentina independently. Meet Benny from Ireland, and the three sisters.


Benny Lewis wrote on January 24th 09 at 01:18PM
Hahaha, excellent teaser :D :D Can't wait for the episode!!
Corey wrote on January 24th 09 at 02:30PM
Gosh, Argentine Tango. That would be an amazing dance to learn. As compared to American Style Tango, AST is like halfway to first base. . . while Argentine Tango is getting to Third base.

How long was "the longest bus ride of [your] life"?

Cannot wait until the next episode!

Sam's Mom wrote on January 26th 09 at 03:45PM
Your mini-episodes are so good. You could do this for a living. Did you get a new camera? Was it your new HD? You know me and cameras. I left mine in a cab in Australia years ago. It happens.
Cole wrote on February 7th 09 at 02:24PM
Thanks Sam. Looks like it was a good time.
Jacqueline wrote on July 30th 09 at 09:02PM
Excellent videos! That really inspired me a lot! Oh BTW, ur videos just make me smile all the time!
Brendan wrote on August 27th 09 at 03:46PM
Hey, William. Question: on b/packing trips, what did you do as far as gear (ie: tent, stove, fuel, slp.bag, mess kit, etc.)? Did you bring it all along for the whole way or did you rent what you needed as needed? I'll be doing some b/packing while I'm traveling, but don't feel like toting all my gear when I'm not in the backcountry. Suggestions?
Jason wrote on October 17th 09 at 07:29PM
Sitting back here in the U.S. during this awful period of waiting before I head off again is horrible. But I am floored by your videos, again! They are so well done and of course, inspiring!
The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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