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Minisode #12 - Swinging in Sydney

March 03, 09 from Australia

Sam and Mills dance it up with West Coast Swing superstars, Jordan and Tatiana in Sydney, Australia.


shane wrote on March 3rd 09 at 06:27AM
Sam, I'm sorry but I laughed out loud at the punch line.
Scott wrote on March 3rd 09 at 07:42AM
Nice, Sam! Big Pimpin'.

Glad you got to meet some of your WCS heroes. :)
Braeden wrote on March 3rd 09 at 11:46AM
that's so awesome!
lookin fineee
Corey wrote on March 3rd 09 at 05:23PM
Dude!! I am so totally jealous!! That looked sooo amazing. I love when they do those Jack and Jill, Jack and Jack, and Jill and Jill competitions.

Before you, I had never even heard of Jordan and Tatiana. Now I'm a huge fan.

Nice whips by the way! You've got great style.
Daniel wrote on March 3rd 09 at 10:06PM
I'm really glad you got to meet some real superstars. You've been looking forward to that forever! What a great early bday present.
Sam's Mom wrote on March 4th 09 at 11:37AM
Smooooooth dancing. You look so handsome...and happy. I'm glad you're having such a good time.

Love you!
Shawn wrote on March 7th 09 at 08:53PM
Sam, you must be carrying your dance shoes with you?

Nice video, looks like a good area for dancing.

Do you also salsa dance?
Mills wrote on May 24th 09 at 07:46PM
Er...did you post this video anywhere recently? Cos its being passed round the sydney dance crew and I'm getting randomers!
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