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Minisode #13 - Australia Day

March 05, 09 from Australia

Sam celebrates Australia Day with the local Australians in Sydney.


radbadnomad wrote on March 5th 09 at 11:55PM
Great video, keep them coming. Can't wait to get on the road myself.
Sam's Mom wrote on March 6th 09 at 06:05AM
Love it!

Since you didn't mention it, I'll let it slip that the song you were playing on the piano is yours, Mr. Talented.
Kyle wrote on March 7th 09 at 09:03AM
dude! the paino playing in the rain was AWESOME
Karin wrote on March 7th 09 at 09:15AM
very funny funny. lovely too. love the video of the boaters. hilarious.
Adam Seabrook wrote on March 8th 09 at 10:37PM
I will try harder to look even more arrogant next time. My cooking is best described as truly awesomely amazing yet humble and modest.
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