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Minisode #3 - A Day at the Beach

December 15, 08 from New Zealand

Shenanigans and goings on at a beach close to Goat Island in New Zealand with Craig, Fraser, Sara, Sam and William.


craig gross wrote on December 15th 08 at 10:12PM on that tan...look pretty white in this video
Ryan wrote on December 15th 08 at 11:18PM
Kyle J. wrote on December 16th 08 at 03:56PM
Craig Gross, you're freakin sweet!
I wanna move to New Zealand!
Todd wrote on December 16th 08 at 04:19PM
Sam, please don't give Kentucky or Americans a bad name on your journeys. *shaking head*
SammyK wrote on December 16th 08 at 08:22PM
@craig gross: Thanks. I'll try working on that in a country that has no hole in their ozone layer.

@Ryan: Frith!

@Todd: Does this video remind you too much of a d-now weekend with all the shenanigans and goings on? I feel you, brother.
John wrote on December 19th 08 at 08:06PM
This minisode #3 isn't your best work. All previous ones are great! Best of luck on rest of travels. Look forward to seeing other videos, etc...
SammyK wrote on December 20th 08 at 02:19AM
@John: I certainly appreciate your honesty. We've had quite a mixed reaction with this one. Some absolutely love it. Some just hate it. I think you'll like Minisode #4 - it should redeem the Minisode series. ;)
Sam's Mom wrote on December 20th 08 at 01:41PM
You keep posting those minis. I love seeing what you are doing, no matter what. It's cold and snowy here, so thanks for sharing the beach and ocean with us. And the bird poop too, since it made you laugh, which I think is the point.
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