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Minisode #2 - Frocks On Bikes

December 11, 08 from New Zealand

Frocks on Bikes is part of Auckland, New Zealand's way of celebrating the 350 climate day of action. 350 Climate Action is an organization that encourages simple changes we can make to reduce carbon emissions.


Ryan wrote on December 11th 08 at 02:06PM
Kyle wrote on December 11th 08 at 07:48PM
I found this rather weird and I still don't know what the point of it was. I LOVED the bike aspect of it though!
Sam's Mom wrote on December 14th 08 at 11:13AM
Funny! I wonder why this got that started in the first place. Frock. That just isn't a word we use anymore in the US, is it?
Scott wrote on December 16th 08 at 09:57AM
WHAT THE HECK?!?! Uhm... Sam... I think "The Road" has gotten to you. Are you and William eating enough? Are you getting enough sleep? This is... well... just... y'know... it's kind of... uhm... sort of... even... weird. Like weird even for you. Just... yeah...

. . . . .

So... keep having... fun...?
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