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Vietnam Special - Day 2: Lost

July 13, 09 from Vietnam

Sam and William get so turned around that by the end of the day they have no idea where they are. Along the way they help out at a pig market and locals invite them into their home to have some moonshine.


Sam's Mom wrote on July 13th 09 at 06:28AM
It's so wonderful to get to travel along with you in a place I will probably never get to visit. It's so interesting to see the reaction of the people to your strange looking rock star faces.

The pigs were disturbing. The same thing probably happens here, but we just never see it. There couldn't be anything pretty about how we get our meat.

BTW. Today is Mary Audrey's 22 birthday!!!
Jason wrote on July 13th 09 at 06:35AM
Another great video. I do find it amazing that it always seems to work out!
Daniel wrote on July 13th 09 at 06:56AM
I think you are going to look back at this as one of the most rewarding days of the whole adventure.
Aracely wrote on July 13th 09 at 04:26PM
Amazing job on the cinematography (for all your videos)! I love the feeling of anticipation I get when watching your videos. I'm dying to know what is going to happen next. Don't keep me waiting too long.
Jamie Powers wrote on July 17th 09 at 03:43AM
I love this one! The music was awesome and loved the assessment of the day on the porch. Love you two too!
Seth wrote on July 18th 09 at 05:18AM
That was great! Good music! The pigs made me want to become a vegetarian... To bad I love bacon so much :-)
Also, you probably should have asked the dog... I mean it couldn't have hurt anything and it probably would have helped your ratings.
Alison wrote on July 21st 09 at 12:51PM
Nice video Sam! I didnt like the pig part but the rest was wonderful!! Miss you guys!
olympus tours wrote on August 7th 09 at 08:19AM
thanks for this incredible video, how about another exotic place for this?
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