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Vietnam Special - Day 1: Confusing Directions

June 30, 09 from Vietnam

In war-torn Vietnam, Sam and William begin their motorbiking adventure around the north part of the country. Without knowing any Vietnamese, the two receive some pretty confusing directions from the locals.


Jason wrote on June 30th 09 at 06:56AM
Great video guys. So where did you store your backpack gear while motorbiking through Vietnam?
Kevin wrote on June 30th 09 at 04:03PM
Put a smile on my face. That pho looked great, hard to find it that good here.
Daniel wrote on June 30th 09 at 05:11PM
Let's go watch Avatar!
James wrote on July 1st 09 at 03:08AM
Awesome video! The intro was a nice touch. That pho looked delicious, as well. When I went to the Philippines just this past May, my relatives had a fly killing racquet too! I played with that thing for a while, enjoying myself as I killed the bugs... And I'm sorry but that cow looked like a dog... Great job, looking forward to the next one.
Chris wrote on July 1st 09 at 05:59AM
Your videos are inspirational for me traveling...awesome!!
Aracely wrote on July 1st 09 at 07:24AM
That was hilarious! You guys did a great job getting through that, at least that's what it looks like. Looking forward to more.
eric Blair wrote on July 1st 09 at 10:16AM
Boo, Sam. You haven't confirmed me as a couchsurfing friend. I am disappointed. =(

I haven't gotten to watch the video yet, but I will leave a comment as soon as I do. Be safe.
Jim wrote on July 2nd 09 at 01:16AM
Awesoe job Sam! Comsidering the obvious language barrier you guys really handled it with class. The people where nice and the Girls at the Pho restaurant just really felt sorry for you thats what I can understand from what they were saying in the video. Hope you got more chances to eat PHO its the greatest! excited to see more videos from your time there!
Kyle wrote on July 2nd 09 at 02:19PM
It's been so long guys! I know it's hard to find time while traveling and doing awesome stuff to edit videos, so I won't be too hard on you two. I like William trying to sound out the menu, hahaha. The ending scene was great too.
Skraal wrote on July 10th 09 at 11:53AM
Finally another episode.
As you are in Germany you should have plenty of rainy days to edit videos. ;-)
Keep 'em coming and Thanks!
Seth wrote on July 13th 09 at 03:03AM

Duc Phuc hotel??? Wow! I actually laughed out loud. :-)
Benny the Irish polyglot wrote on July 28th 09 at 09:03AM
I love the mosquito zapping tennis racket :D :D We used them in Brazil too
Duc Phuc hotel was also an LOL moment for me :P
Tin N wrote on October 21st 09 at 08:31AM
Hey guys, your trip to my country is very awesome, I guess that you cannot understand any words when you ate at Duc Phuc hotel, your drew images ,,, funny pictures. These girls laughed alot because you could not use chopsticks. Thanks guys
Brandon Brickley (still in Guatemala) wrote on October 22nd 09 at 05:44PM
I think my favorite video moment of all of your videos is in this one when you are trying to convey that you want cow... and draw a picture of a dog saying moo. Duc Phuc hotel wasn't bad either.
I'm still hanging out here in Antigua, miss you guys.
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