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Vietnam Special - Day 4: The Crash

August 21, 09 from Vietnam

Sam and William get blasted in the face with dust and mud. William loses control of his motorbike and crashes it to the ground. The Vietnamese people were so nice and helpful.


elclinto wrote on August 21st 09 at 11:20AM
Love it!
James wrote on August 21st 09 at 12:25PM
Fun video! Where did you get that Adele - Hometown Glory remix? I like it!
Jason wrote on August 21st 09 at 02:29PM
Seems like another perfect ending to a day. Rain pants, I never thought of that.
Daniel wrote on August 21st 09 at 03:46PM
Funniest one in a while! All three of us thought so.
Kyle wrote on August 21st 09 at 06:01PM
Awesome video guys. I really genuinely enjoyed it, not that i didnt enjoy the others, but this one especially i guess. haha. the music was great. im happy for you guys, even though i dont even know you.
Mary Audrey wrote on August 22nd 09 at 08:01AM
So William gets in a wreck and you go to a lingerie store?
William wrote on August 22nd 09 at 08:21AM
That's where I always go when I wreck motorcycles...
Chris wrote on August 22nd 09 at 08:26AM
What was the gift she gave you? Lingerie???!!
Kevin wrote on August 22nd 09 at 01:31PM
I love how the woman in the lingerie store gave you a gift. Kind gestures like that can really impact a person's view of an entire country.
William wrote on August 22nd 09 at 04:06PM
It was a bunch of snacks and bottled water... and lingerie.
Corey W. wrote on August 22nd 09 at 04:28PM
Awesome vid. Really highly enjoyed the first bit(1-2-3-4!!). The kindness of strangers is so amazing! You don't see that as much when you're a local.
Sam's Mom wrote on August 22nd 09 at 11:03PM
What caused the wreck, or was it just something that happened? I was surprised by how well the lingerie girl spoke English. Is that the norm?

You guys are hilarious! Great job on the video!
William wrote on August 23rd 09 at 02:29PM
The road was really wet, and someone stopped suddenly in front of me and when I tried to stop I started sliding, turned sideways and landed on my butt.
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