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The Solutions to Our Video Podcast

By SammyK on Thu, Oct 9th 08 at 10:02AM | Permalink | Comments (3)

We're still trying to figure out how to do this whole "video podcast" thing. We learn something with each new video podcast. Something that William pointed out was that we never seem to conclude anything in our videos. So you're left hanging not knowing what happened.

So here are the conclusions for each episode:

Episode #1

1) William was sad that he couldn't fit everything in his backpack - after he took everything out and repacked it, everything fit with even a little room to spare.

Episode #2

1) I was trying to launch the site before the plane loaded. We officially launched it moments later while we were standing in line inside that little tunnel thing that takes you to the plane. William was holding the computer as I changed the DNS.

Episode #3

1) William and I felt a little weird after drinking the Goat Milk, but we didn't get sick.

Episode #4

1) William was feeling car sick on the shuttle ride to Antigua. He didn't blow chunks.
2) Did we sleep in the bedbug-ridden beds? After much thinking about how we could sleep without sleeping on the mattresses, I believe William's exact words were, "That's it, I choose not to care." So yes, we slept in the beds. And no, we did not get bitten - or we just didn't react to the bites.
3) We lost our dog friend in a big crowd.

So there you have it. We'll try to be more conclusive in the future.


Scott wrote on October 9th 08 at 02:24PM
I think you should go back and look for your puppy friend. He could be your South American Mascot. You should choose a different animal on each continent you visit.
David P wrote on October 23rd 08 at 04:15PM
Hey man a suggestion from the TV studios...continue ending episodes on a cliffhanger and start each episode with previous episode's resolution.
SammyK wrote on October 24th 08 at 06:21AM
@David P - Thanks for the tip. We don't always have a cliffhanger, but when we do, I'll be sure to end it with one.
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