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Minisode #16 - Cambodian Motorcycle Drive By

April 05, 09 from Cambodia

The two guys discover Cambodian countryside on motorbikes and find some monkeys.


Ryan wrote on April 5th 09 at 09:07AM
Liked how you used "Seven Lives" for the background music, worked really well with that.
Kevin wrote on April 5th 09 at 01:04PM
The quality of your videos seem to get better every time. Are you using final cut?
Scott wrote on April 5th 09 at 07:40PM
perhaps.... a shock-absorbing solution for the next motorcycle ride. 8-S
Kim@Galavanting wrote on April 7th 09 at 01:51PM
Awesome job fellas. And way to cope with the jostling! That looks like quite a lot of fun and now I wanna try it out!
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