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Minisode #17 - Rabbit Island

April 13, 09 from Cambodia

Sam and William take a day to relax on a small island in Cambodia. Sam has trouble eating the fried fish.


danwray wrote on April 13th 09 at 12:04PM
note to self: never order fried fish except for at long john silvers
shane wrote on April 14th 09 at 06:29PM
Man that is the best way to have fish. Or BBQ'd whole too. You do have to watch out for the bones though.
Lovin' the minisodes. Good stuff.
Anj wrote on April 16th 09 at 07:58AM
Oh well, better deal with the fact that it's an animal or turn vegetarian.
The incredible story of how two recent college grads are traveling around the world on an impossible budget.
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