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Minisode #15 - Welcome to South East Asia

April 03, 09 from Thailand

The two guys arrive in Bangkok, Thailand. William learns how to cook Pad Thai and the two try to hail a taxi without getting scammed again.


Ellen wrote on April 3rd 09 at 07:06AM
Hey guys, fyi- article on border :
Sam's Mom wrote on April 3rd 09 at 07:06AM
William, your going to have to give us cooking lessons when you get home. That looked so good!
SammyK wrote on April 3rd 09 at 08:24AM
@Ellen: Thanks so much for the link! The good news is we just made it into Vietnam and won't be back in Thailand until later this month when we enter through Laos, so we'll be quite north of all the shenanigans and goings on.

Thanks for looking out for us. ;)
kevin wrote on April 3rd 09 at 02:07PM
khao san pad thai = crap.
Corey wrote on April 3rd 09 at 06:35PM
Oh man, very cool. And definately a culture shock I imagine. Consider the tip about the taxis duly noted for when I make it there!
Enjoy Vietnam! Especially if you make it into the northern part. I believe Hanoi has amazing clothes makers for uber cheap.
daniel durick wrote on April 6th 09 at 09:56PM
oh man now i'm really craving some pad thai
Juliana wrote on April 19th 09 at 09:53AM
Thanks for letting me in on the meter thing. My brother and i are going to Thailand next month and i never knew about having to watch that.
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